Pair of Petrov's Finest Commit to Mary Baldwin University

Long time club teammates will now be taking their talents to college together as well. Alexis Barba and Eddy Casco both recently signed with Division 3's Mary Baldwin University who will be embarking on their first-ever Men's Soccer Season this fall.

"Alexis is a composed individual who understands the game very well," said MBU Assistant Coach Elliot Chadderton. "He provides energy and enthusiasm into the game. Eddy is a fantastic player who possesses a lot of control in the midfield. They are both going to be excellent assets to our program"

Chadderton not only recognized the style and training that J Petrov Academy has and how it is successful in developing players for the next level, but also the attention and professionalism that was put into the recruitment process by the Academy. "We would like to thank you for helping us with these players. You'll have to let us know which showcases you will be at next year so we can come and watch some more of your younger players!"

The school has spent over $2 million on a brand new Bermuda Grass field as well as training facilities that rival most Division One programs.