Development. It’s a word that many, if not all, programs in our sport use. But what do they truly develop?

At JPetrov Academy, we strive to make our players ready for the next level.  Whether that next level is going professional or playing in college, our professional coaches have already helped hundreds of players realize their dream.

The European based style of soccer is going to help your son or daughter not just on the field but off the field as well. J Petrov Academy will attend some of the biggest tournaments in the nation, helping your child have some experiences they will never forget and play against the best of the best.

If they are chosen to join our Academy you will be pushed hard mentally and physically. Conditioning in our sport is the most important thing as we are the only sport with no time outs and you are continuously running with limited substitutions.


Jelco Petrov believes that if your body is tired, your brain gets tired, then mistakes and worse, injuries, occur. Academy players learn conditioning, tactical and skill as part of a continuous regimen of training, 4 times a week.


Because of this program, our teams consistently keep up the pace of any match even in the second half, when others are slowing down.

We are for serious players and parents that understand that what we teach transcribes into life lessons. Since we are a professional style academy, there is minimal parent involvement, meaning no daddy coaches and no politics.

We understand that this is not for everyone. We encourage you to register for a tryout at any time and let both you and your child see the difference in what you are getting.