College Preparatory (Academy/Competitive)

We feature teams in many age groups for both boys and girls that play league play in State and National levels as well as local tournaments.

Out of those teams selected players will be invited to compete to be a member of our showcase teams that will attend some of the nation’s best and biggest College Showcase Tournaments.

Training for the College Preparatory Program is 4 nights per week and players are expected to attend all sessions.

Due to the low level of play, lack of recovery, and potential for dangerous injuries, High School Soccer is not permitted. If you would like to play High School, then you will not be considered for our Showcase Teams.


Private Training

Jelco Petrov is always available for private 1-on-1 sessions or even smaller groups. This feature is available only to our Academy members/players.

Please visit our contact page to inquire.


Professional Tryouts

Through our many contacts here and abroad we can help prepare a player and possibly arrange for a professional tryout. Please understand that you must be evaluated by Jelco Petrov first prior to even being considered for this program. We do not just send players who are not ready or qualified for such high levels. These players may face months of private or small group training sessions that will push beyond any limits that they may have achieved before all specifically designed to give them the utmost advantage when attempting to aspire to that level of play.

Visit our contact page to inquire further.